Wednesday, 11 May 2011

23. Lazy Days

Headscarf:  Home made
Jumper:  New Look Men's
Rings:  New Look & Primark

Well, to be honest I wouldn't really call today a lazy day for me as I've been busy doing uni work all day ready for my deadline on Monday, however the clothes I'm wearing are lazy. I love this big, baggy jumper, it's from the men's section in New Look. I bought it back in the winter but seeing as the weather has turned horrible again and I wasn't out to impress anyone I thought I'd just chuck this on. I've gone with tights today because I need to invest in some new leggings and I dressed it up a little bit with the headscarf (excess material from yesterdays outfit) and my turquoise rings. No make up was applied today as I haven't stepped foot outside the house so that is why I'm not looking at the camera! aha!

Anyone got major deadlines like me? It's only my first year, goodness knows what I'll be like in the second and third year!!

Well, I better get some dinner and then get back to this darn uni work :( I still have 18 drawings to do and a final illustration to do for tonight to keep on schedule. Wish me luck! I need it :/

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