Monday, 2 May 2011

Make it Mine Monday: Topshop

This week's 'Make it Mine' is for Topshop. I never really shop at Topshop, as crazy as it may sound to some of you, I guess it's because I get good discount from work and I do love a bargain! Personally I'd rather buy loads of cheap things then one really expensive thing and be scared to ruin in because of the money I'd spent on it! Anyone with me on that or am I just a cheap skate? haha

Anyway, despite not usually buying things from Topshop it doesn't mean to say I don't browse, and with having some birthday money left I thought I'd see if anything grabbed me.

I completely love both of these tops! Especially the first one. I am seriously considering buying it with my birthday money. I just think the colours and are gorgeous and the floral print is so pretty :) The second top is lovely too with it's beautiful blue base colour and cute little flowers running down each side of the buttons in the middle. I also love the tie up detail around the waist. My mum actually has a top with simliar designs to this from when she was probably around my age.

Another couple of gorgeous pieces! I actually saw someone wearing these shorts on Lookbook the other day but didn't realise they were from Topshop. I love the cut out pattern along the bottom of the shorts and the colour is beautiful too! And as for the skirt, I love the pattern and the colours along with the tie up bow detail at the front.

And of course some rings as I am obssessed with rings at the moment. I thought these actually went really well with the colouring of the tops and bottoms I have chosen. I love the gold detailing on the first ring and the faint pink colouring of the stone. And the pattern on the second ring is really unusual which is why I love it, along with the lovely coral colour too!

Anyone bought anything nice recently?


  1. gorgeous stuff you got there! and i really love topshop

  2. i love everything you have picked out,
    im shall be visiting your blog again as its just so lovellyyyyyy :)


  3. That first top is gorgeous. I quite like topshop, not been there in a while though.


  4. Thanks everyone! Oh i adore the first top! Think I'll be buying that one ;) And thankyou for such a lovely comment Ria :) xxxx

  5. awesome floral prints


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