Saturday, 14 May 2011

24. Butterflies and flowers

Dress:  New Look

I love this dress so much! It's actually from the kids section in New Look and it's just so girly and sweet, I love it! The colours go so well together and it's covered in butterflies and flowers. I've tied a tan coloured belt around the middle to add more to the outfit and I wore my suede camel coloured loafers too as I wore this to work today, so everything is from New Look! I also bought another dress from New Look today in the same style from the adult section and different colours, so I'll be wearing that tomorrow. I'll make sure I do an outfit post!


  1. Thankyou! It's so sweet!! :) xx

  2. nice dress! it doesn't look like it came from the kids section!

  3. Ahh thankyou :) They do good stuff in the kids section haha xx


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