Tuesday, 24 May 2011

28. We're dreaming

Top:  New Look
Scarf:  Vintage
Skirt:  Home made

I made this skirt today from some fabric I bought a little while ago. I love the wine/plum colour so much right now. The skirt is just simple with an elasticated waist which is why I added the belt to the outfit so that the skirt doesn't puff out straight away from the waist. This look is very simple with just a plain black top so I added a floral scarf for more detail and interest. I am also wearing my fabric ring which is the same colour as the skirt!

I started to make another skirt today but didn't finish it in the end, so hopefully I will tomorrow and I'll get an outfit post up soon! It's some fabric that my mum found in the loft, a long time ago now, with a soft floral print all over it with mint and peachy colours. I also started making a waistcoat out of this material (because there is loads of it) but I have yet to finish that too...I really should finish things once I start them! Anyway, hope you like my new skirt :)


  1. Beautiful skirt the color is so apealing :) Great job :)
    Come visit sometime :)

  2. Thankyou Tray :) Ill check out your blog too :) xx


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