Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Make It Mine: Festival

My 'Make It Mine Monday' is a little late as I was meant to do it yesterday, but here it is on a Tuesday instead! I've been looking at clothes to buy for the Isle of Wight festival as it's getting so close now, only 16 days to go! Is anyone else going by the way? Ahh I cannot wait! So here are the things I want for the festival this week, mainly shorts for some reason..but then again they easy and I lived in shorts at the festival last year!

River Island:  £25.00

I love the print and the colours on this playsuit. It's such a simple design with it's tie straps and it just screams festival to me! I also think the gold beads on the ties just make it!

Asos:  £42.00

I absolutely love these shorts! The pattern and the colours just compliment each other so well and they would be great for the festival, however I would not want to pay £42.00 for them knowing that they could get ruined over the weekend! If I am lucky enough to find some denim fabric like this (very unlikely) then I will gladly make some!

Topshop:  £32.00

More stripes..I seem to have a theme going on here. I saw a skirt with the same stripe design on in a magazine not so long ago, then I saw some jeans and now shorts! Black and white stripes are certainly popular right now and I love it! I intend on making a pair like this just because I think they make a statement and they stand out, which I love.

River Island:  £39.99

I love the colour of these jeans! I've been wanting a pair for a while now, we used to have them in New Look but haven't seen them about for a few weeks. I just think they're different to the usual blue denim jeans and would look great with a simple tee or a cream blouse, either way would work.

Asos:  £20.00
Topshop:  Sold Out

Going for a bit of an amerian flag theme now. I just love both pieces! Especially the shorts the way they are divided into two seperate patterns but it stands for the American flag. They are from Topshop but have unfortunately sold out for now, although I did find the same pair being sold on ebay if you really wanted them.

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