Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Summary #4

Hello my lovelies!
Today's Sunday Summary will not be one full of my contant moaning and ranting as I have had a really good week! (Horray!) This week I handed in all of my uni work for semester 1 and got straight into my new project, which may I add will be my last project at univeristy ever!! I have been very busy researching and thinking of photo shoot idea's and all sorts which is really exciting. Tonight I will be designing some outfits and coming up with a few initial designs hopefully.
I have also spent a lot of time with my boyfriend which has been lovely as I don't get to see him often due to us both being at univeristy, so this week it has been really nice for us both to have some down time and chill out together :)
I have also found my way (and my head) and realised I have been neglecting my blog, which I hate doing, so from now on I will make time for my blog - even if it is just once a week filling you in on my hectic lifestyle! I'm not sure if there will be many outfit posts unfortunately as I never have the time whilst it's still light. However I may be cheeky and ask my friend to take a few every now and then.
One more thing, I really wanted to jump on the ban-wagon and join in on the '50 facts about me' You Tube video's and I have filmed it and everything but it won't save! I am so, so gutted as I know the hype will be over soon but hopefully I can get it sorted soon. For now though, please check out my channel and thumbs up my video's and support me :) Thank you so much!
Here are a few images from my Instagram of what I have been up too:

Snow day!




  1. I know know you feel about neglecting your blog, its so easy to get caught up in day to day life and let your blog sit on the back burner. Its not intentional! A lot of the time I will actually be really up to date with reading other peoples blogs and watching Youtube videos but I haven't actually posted myself!
    I love your instagram photos though, I really want to start using Instagram better and uploading at least one photo a day, that way I too will be able to do Instagram posts too!


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