Thursday, 31 January 2013

REVIEW | Simple Kind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover Cream

Evening all!
As you may, or may not know, this will be my first beauty product review off of my own back. No company has asked me to review this I just thought I would give it a go as I felt like I wanted to share my experience with you all. As I am new to this it may not be up to review standards so bare with me please!
I have always just used plain old face wipes to take my make-up off and clean my face with until I started to read beauty blogs as well as fashion blogs and realised that face wipes were doing nothing for my skin and no wonder I was still getting spots! I decided to scrap the face wipes and sort out my skin by using actual products to clean my face with, and where better to start than with Simple.
I spoke to my Mum to get some advice on where to start because, as I said, this was all really new to me! She advised me to use the Simple cleanser and toner and to try out the eye make-up remover as well. So I did.
I saw that Simple did two types of eye make-up remover, a cream and a liquid. I decided to go for the cream (as shown above) because I figured it would feel a lot nicer on my eyes and also nourish them, as it says on the bottle. I did like this product as it wasn't as harsh on my eyes as I would imagine eye creams would be considering I have only used face wipes in the past. The cream was good at taking off my make-up, it didn't take too much to remove all of my eye make-up, however it wasn't so keen on removing my gel eye-liner and I would often have to leave parts of it on and try again in the morning as my eyes would start to hurt from rubbing so much!
However, the one thing that really put me off this particular eye make-up remover cream was the fact that it did not nourish my eyes, it infact really dried them out and my eyes became irritatied from being so dry after use. A couple of times I had to use eye-drops after using the cream so that my eyes weren't so dry before going to bed.
I had really high hopes for this product and felt I was let down. I would say that it does remove your make-up to an extent, however unfortunately, for me, it really dried out my eyes therefore I will not be buying this product again. I have stuck with Simple and have now bought the liquid version (which is the make-up remover my Mum was really suggesting in the first place, not the cream!) so I will keep you all updated on that!
I hope you have liked this review and found it some-what useful. Sorry for being a bit negative about my first review, but hey, you've got to be honest, right?
Have you used this product before? Did you find the same issue's or are my eyes just weird?


  1. Ah that's such a shame! Simple products are usually really nice. I use a toner, moisturiser and eye cream from them, so I would have expected this to be nice on the eyes! xx

    1. Me too, but I was really dissapointed. It could just be me though! Haha xx

  2. I always use simple product on my face and recently I have been thinking about purchasing the eye make-up remover to replace my face wipes which I use before cleansing and toning so this review was really helpful thanks :)

    Keep us posted about the other eye make-up remover, hope it's a lot better :)


    1. Thank you lovely :) I definitely will! xxx


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