Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sunday Summary #3 (Two days late!)

Hey peoples!
Today's Sunday Summery is a tad late as you can tell. This is due to no internet access (or lack of it) for the past 3 days, however now that I am at my boyfriends I though I had better get this blog post in quick!
I have had such a busy week as I know I keep saying lately, however anyone in their third year of univrsity will understand the stress and pressure from it all (and not to mention no bloomin' internet!!). My hand-in was supposed to be last Friday until the snow settled on Thursday night and I couldn't get into uni as I commute quite a way every day. This was in fact some kind of mirical because I ended up getting an extra two days to finish off any last little bits and bobs before the new hand-in on Monday. I managed to get everything in on time so now I just have to sit and wait...
In the meantime they have given me my Final Major Project breif and I have to get started straight away, there is no time to chill in third year *humph* so I have been getting on with that today and yesterday afternoon.
Now for my rant about my internet and You Tube. I have a video which I filmed last week and due to the internet being down I wasn't able to upload it, and when the internet did decide to work for a little while I uploaded the video to 62% before realising I was uploading it onto my old channel. I decided today since I was at my boyfriends I could use his internet and take the opportunity to upload it. It got to 80% and then I got told I was mucking up the internet so I had to stop...to say I feel like crying, well. It's like this video is not meant to be uploaded, and yet I really want to put it up as it's a haul video! Oh well, I guess I'll try again tomorrow night when I'm home and the internet will hopefully be back on. Wish me luck guys!!
Sorry for my moany ramblings, my summaries won't always be like this I promice!

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