Friday, 19 August 2011

Shop buys

As I said in yesterday's post I went shopping and bought a few things, I didn't go too crazy. So below are the items I bought. I also bought some navy and white polka dot fabric for a playsuit I'm planning on making for myself :)

This gorgeous skirt is from New Look priced at £24.99. They also have it in a burgundy colour but I chose this one because I already have a burgundy skirt. I just fell in love with the colour, the length, the elasticated waist and the belt that comes with it. I think it's great because being a neutral colour means it will go with almost everything!

I bought these three pairs of socks in autumn colours ready for the winter days, although it looks like they're nearly here already! There are loads of pairs of socks in New Look at the moment and the deal is 3 pairs for £4 which I think is a bargain so I had to get some more pop socks for my collection!

This feather double ring is from Primark for £1.50 - total bargain! I've been looking for one like this for absolutely ages and I finally found this one which I really love! :)

Finally, something completely un-related to the other items, are a pack of polka dot pens. They were only from Poundland and I just got them because they're cute and will be good for when I go back to uni :)

I almost forgot to add that I recieved this in the post yesterday morning too! My first edition on LOVE magazine! I can't believe I've never bought it before! It's going to be a huge inspirational help to me and my summer project!

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