Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Retail therapy helps my mood :)

Sorry I haven't posted in a little while, I've had quite a lot going on and a lot on my mind, but I went shopping today, as it was pay day, to help my mood and I thought I'd do the usual and share with you what I bought. Dispite shopping all around town I only actually bought from New Look as nothing else was catching my eye, apart from this leather jacket from Topshop which I ordered in a week ago and they said it's still in transit :( I hope it comes soon, it's so gorgeous! But anyway, I've looked on the New Look website instead of taking my own photo's today and here's what I got:

First off is this cute little playsuit from the kids section. It's priced at £17.99 and fits perfectly. It's sort of like a dungaree style because the sides come down really low so it would show your bra but I'm going to either wear a top underneath or a bandeau bra top :)

It looks like I'm going for a mustard coloured theme today, but this is similar to the second dress I bought today (I couldn't actually find it on the website as it's Parisian make). It's pretty much the same except my one doesn't have the stitching detail and it just has thick straps rather than little sleeves. This dress is £32.99 and the one I bought was £24.99. I'm sure I'll do an outfit post at the weekend when I wear it to work.

Ahh I fell in love with this ring aswell. There were only three left so I felt I had to get it! haha I just love the shape and the colour and it's a nice chunky ring which I love at the moment. This was £5.99, and I also bought some teal nail varnish which I couldn't find on the webby so I thought I'd just add that in. They do some great colours and they're only £2.99. I have yet to try them out but my friend says they're pretty good!

Lastly are these gorgeous ankle boots for £24.99. I've liked them for a while now and have been saying how I want to start wearing heels more as I'm not exactly tall, and I just thought these would be perfect for this A/W. My friend was trying them on too, and in black and brown because she couldn't decide, so I thought I'd try them too and I instantly loved them! I was worried about the colour not lasting until next A/W but then again if you can work it into your outfits I think it will work. So after a while of pondering my friend convinced me to get them! Haha And I'm so glad she did because I love them and I'm going to make sure I wear them! Starting tomorrow when I go out with my mum, I'll hopefully put up an outfit post tomorrow too :)

Hope you're all well!


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