Monday, 22 August 2011

Make it Mine Monday

I'm bringing back the 'Make it Mine Mondays', as I said in one of my previous posts, because I think it's good to shop around and share your finds. It's hard for me working in New Look because then I just constantly buy from there when I'm working, but doing this post allows me to shop online for other shops and realise that there is alot more out there than just the clothes in New Look! Haha Don't get me wrong I do love New Look clothing, how could I not?, and I do have items on here from New Look that I want, but it is nice to see what else is on offer. So here are the things I've spotted this week:

New Look:

First off are these two amazing shirts from New Look. To be honest I am more siding with the sleeveless version because it's different and unusual and mainly because I've just bought a normal shirt. I have to say though, I'm not too sure about the asymmetric hem along the bottom. I'd have to try it on and see what it looked like or maybe take it up, however knowing me I'd be tucking it into a skirt or shorts or trousers anyway so it's not something you'd see. These shirts both come in at £19.99 each. I can't wait for them to come in store!

Next is another blouse which is already in store but I haven't bought it yet. I really love the colours and the pattern, although I wasn't too sure at first I really like it now and seeing it on a few friends of mine I think it really works. I will especially look good for this Autumn/Winter as the colours are right on trend. This blouse is £22.99.


Everytime I look at this image I want the jacket more and more! I never really shop in Topshop I only really browse online but this jacket I just fell in love with! I went into town today and tried it on but they only had a 10 so it was a little long in the arm for me and now I wished I had asked if they had an 8 because I reeeeally want to get it! The fur detaches from the collar too so that you can wear it with or without and it is actually quite a reasonable price at £58.00, and with student discount on top it'll be even cheaper ;) I think I might pop back into town tomorrow and buy it, even my Dad says I should get it!

Lastly I've chosen this cute little polka dot tie-up top. I'm really drawn to this style of top lately for some reason and this one is gorgeous! I also so this today in town and it's got a silky feel to the fabric which is even better. It's priced at £28.00 which is a little more than I would usually pay for a top but boy am I tempted! Do I treat myself?

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