Thursday, 18 August 2011

50. I did it my way

Top:  Yanna in Greece
Shorts:  Yanna in Greece
Tights:  Primark
Boots:  New Look

Hey! So this is the outfit from Greece I was talking about yesterday. I think it's my new favourite outfit, and eventhough it was horrible weather today I still wore it with the top tied up because I just wanted to get it up on my blog and Lookbook! This shop was truely amazing! It was basically a second hand shop in Greece with loads of amazing clothes, me and my friend were in heaven! Both of these pieces were 5 euros each which I thought was a total bargain! There were some expensive pieces at 25 euros, but even then that's not too bad considering the prices here on the high street!

The top isn't actually a tie-up top but I just thought it worked really well with the shorts seperating it a bit to show a bit of skin. I've also gone with the simple tights and boots again and the rain was heavy today. These boots are seriously a godsend and are all I live in right now!

I also went shopping with my friend today and bought a few good finds so I'll probably post what I bought tomorrow :)

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