Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Get Motivated, Get Creative.

I'm suddenly feeling really creative today, which is quite weird considering I am ill with a horrible cold and sore throat...but I've been looking through a few sites and getting some ideas to re-vamp some old clothes, mainly shorts I must say. I think shorts or trousers turned into shorts are one of the easiest garments to adjust and personalise because you can add fabric, studs, embroidery, beads, etc, anything you like really! Not too long ago I found an image of a pair of shorts on tumblr with half of the shorts covered in floral fabric. I fell in love with them straight away and tried it out for myself but I wasn't quite happy with the outcome. I don't know if it was the pattern on the fabric or the colours or whatever but it just didn't seem to flow as well as the shorts in the image. I've been scanning around ebay too and it turns out that someone actually sells alot of shorts with this adjustment, all in different floral and tribal patterned fabrics, so it's given me the inspiration to give it a go again just with some different fabric. This time I'm really going to think about what colours compliment the shade of denim shorts I have and what fabrics would stitch well. I'm even thinking I might make a few and sell them at a car bootsale. I've just recently cleared out my room of old clothes, shoes, DVD's, sunglasses, etc, things that have been lying around doing nothing for years and I was planning to make a few skirts too just to get my name out there and doing a few of these shorts would just up my chances of getting noticed I think. So anyway, I've collected a few inspirational images I found today and hopefully I'll re-create them and post up pictures soon. Wish me luck!

The first two images are from Urban Outfitters and the rest are from Tumblr.


  1. love this post, ive been finding a lot of inspiration for shorts like you too, would love to see what you're going to do to revamp your old clothes!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. I can't wait to get cracking on some, I'll post up some pictures when I've done a range :) Thank you :) xxx


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