Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Summary #1

Hello beauties!
I decided a few days ago that I would sit down and write a list of things that I want to change about my blog for the new year, or new posts that I could feature on my blog, to keep it running through my last gruelling months of uni. I came up with writing a 'Sunday Summary' each week to keep you guys informed of what I have been up to throughout the past week and I what I have to look forward to (or maybe not so with deadlines looming) in the next coming week. I have seen a few blogs do this sort of thing and I really enjoy reading them, and seeing as my life is so up in the air at the moment with my 'third year fear' I thought I would share my thoughts and what not with you all. Sound good? Ok, then I'll get started.
This week has of course been Christmas!! I hope you all had a lovely time with your family and friends. I had a lovely time, although unfortunately I had to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day which meant that I only had one day off throughout the festive days and further meant that I had to split my day between my family as my parents are now separated. I was a bit worried about how it would all pan out spending one half with one parent and the other with my other parent, however I actually had a really lovely day and didn't get upset at all, and I even got to spend the evening with my boyfriend which was the icing on the cake for me. I got some lovely gifts, took some lovely photos and had a real laugh with my family.
After Boxing Day I spent the Thursday and Friday with my boyfriend which was super lovely! We're hoping to move in together soon once we've saved up enough money etc so living together for those two days just made me even more excited to move in with him. We went shopping in the sales on the Thursday and I have to say I wasn't that impressed with the sales. I only ended up buying two things in Urban outfitters (which I will show you in video format tomorrow, third time lucky I hope!!) which is quite good because it keeps my bank balance happy.
Lastly, to finish the week, Saturday and today (Sunday, obv) have been spent at work keeping frantic sales shoppers happy and giving them the best possible service they could possibly get in a boiling hot shop... :| Saturday wasn't so bad, however today was a slight nightmare as the tills decided that they would not accept gift cards or credit notes today which defeats the whole point of half of the shoppers coming shopping. My, oh my the customers were not happy and my managers had a few to deal with. Obviously I can understand their frustration, we were just as annoyed! But hey, that's just the way it goes sometimes!
I have one more thing to add before I end my long rambling. I had to set up a new YouTube channel last night as I created my first channel when I was in school and I created a horrible, cringy username which you cannot change. Being as I am 21 now I didn't think it appropriate to keep it that way, so here is the link to my new channel with my one video soon to be joined by lots more. Please, please subscribe as I have hopefully two more video's coming tomorrow, so please stay tuned!
I hope I haven't bored you too much with my ramblings! Have a lovely evening all :)


  1. Glad you had a Christmas with no tears! My day was good but a little sad at the end because Chris wasn't there! Can't wait to see what you brought from UO, I agree the sales were pretty shit this year! But hopefully come spring all the pretty new clothes will be arriving and the money we saved can go towards some lovely fresh newbies! Hurray to fluffy bunnies and sunshine arriving. Hope you have a great new year and I'm sure whatever you decide to do on your blog (even on top of the third year fear) it will be fab. Keep going hun I think you are brilliant. love love xxx

    1. Thank you so much beautiful! I hope I can finally be happy with my blog! haha And one more week and Chris will be home!! Thats only 6 more days :D And yes, bring on Spring and all the pretty floral clothes! :) xxxx


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