Friday, 21 December 2012

187. It's us against the world

Jumper:  Charming Magpie's
Skirt:  In love with fashion
Socks:  Peacocks
Boots:  New Look
Hello everyone!
Here is today's look, all warm and snug in my vintage jumper and lace socks! I bought these socks yesterday from Peacocks and they're actually age 7-10 but still fit so I'm happy haha! I've gone a bit monochrome today without that intention, but I still really like this outfit dispite the lack of colour. Infact I mainly wanted to wear the pleated skirt as I mentioned it in my YouTube video yesterday as it's one of my new favourites. If you haven't already seen my first video click here and please give a thumbs up or subscribe if you want to see more! I did do another video this afternoon on the charity items that I bought today, however it was all out of focus so I'll shoot it again tomorrow hopefully. Stay tuned!!
Hope you're all getting in the festive mood, I'll be doing a Christmas post on Christmas Eve :) Have a lovely weekend!


  1. That jumper and skirt combo is so cute! I must confess to buying children's socks too... I've got a thing for frills!

    Ciara x
    P.S I'm having a little giveaway.

    1. Thank you! Ahh, glad I'm not the only one! Haha xx

  2. I absolutely love the leather skirt!

    Lubna |

  3. Saw this on Lookbook! Really adore your style!

    I am following you now. Hope you can follow me back. =)

  4. The skirt is gorgeous, but I would've chosen a different top, the jumper is more of a slouch at home kinda thing. A blouse with collar clips would be so much better.

  5. Gorgeous outfit xx

  6. Aww Charming Magpies! ^_^ Love your skirt! xx

    1. Gotta love Charming Magpies! :)
      Thank you xx


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