Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Just a few random, jumbled images I found that I liked today. Been so busy with uni work, and I really should be doing some now but I've kind of come to a stand still :/ It's really not good. I still have 503 words to write of my essay that is due in on Friday and pretty much a whole project to try to put together before my tutorial on Thursday. Argh. Ah well, after this week I shall be off for a month, still finishing off uni work no doubt, but atleast I won't have to travel up to uni every day. And once I get these projects finished I shall upload the final photoshoots, if they turn out well that is..

Tried taking some outfit photo's today but I'm having one of those days where all of the photo's come out looking horrible :/ Maybe I'll ask my boyfriend if he can take some later. Or maybe I'll just leave it for today.

How is everyone? Had a good start to the week?

P.s - I'll leave you with this, something I also found today.

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