Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fashion Editors vs Fashion Bloggers

Ok fellow bloggers, I need your help!

I am doing an essay about Fashion Editors vs Fashion Bloggers and would love your views and opinions to help write my essay. The essay questions is: 'Fashion Editor vs Fashion Blogger - Discuss who will carry the most influence for designers and brands in the next five years (and beyond)? It would be such a great help to me if everyone possible could respond and spread the word, and I am also intreaged as to how you will respond as you are all bloggers yourselves. Due to this essay being opinion based I would love to use some of your views in my blog too to show a fashion bloggers point of view on the matter and what you have to say. Do you think fashion bloggers will be the most influential to designers and brands in the future, or do you think that fashion editors will always hold designers attention when praise or critisize their work?

Open to any opinions you have to say, the more the better!
Thankyou so much!


  1. probably the bloggers - internet and 'chain reaction'- a good marketing tool.

  2. while both will still influence the industry, i am going to have to go with bloggers! these days, more and more people are looking to the internet for practically everything, fashion being one of those things. with sites like bloglovin' where you can essentially create your own fashion magazine, there is little reason to go out and spend money on magazines that are mostly ads. the industry is become more technical, and also, relatable, seen through the emergence of street art. just my opinion though!



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