Monday, 7 March 2011

05. The sun is shining, and I'm smiling.

Blouse:  New Look
Skirt:  New Look
Tights:  Primark
Ring:  River Island

Wearing my new favourite blouse today which I purchased from New Look on Saturday, while working! This came in as a return, we don't actually have it in my store at the moment and usually I get a size 8 so when I saw that this was a size 10 I was gutted, but I fell in love with it and bought it anyway. What's the worst that could happen? I could always return it if it didn't fit, is what I kept telling myself. Everyone else was telling me it would be too big and I'd have to put a belt around it. So, I got it home and tried it on straight away and it actually fit! It's a little baggy, but I like it that way. I usually wouldn't go near this colour thinking that it wouldn't suit me but I loved the style of the collar so much and it turns out the colour doesn't look half bad! I've teamed it with a black body-con skirt, which is so easy to do but looks really stylish. I'm also wearing my River Island ring which I got in the January sales. I love the jade colour stone in the middle and the gems around the outside. I love rings at the moment. I can't get enough of them it seems.
So that is pretty much my outfit today, haven't done one in a little while but I had to upload my exciting new find!

Hope you all have a great day and it's sunny where you are too, if a little cold!


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