Monday, 5 March 2012

Look what came in the post!!

Hello beauties! I recieved a rather lovely package today. It actually got delivered on Friday but nobody was home to sign for it so I had to wait all weekend until I could pick it up today! But anyway...I bought some Jeffrey Campbell's from ebay and they have arrived!! :D I cannot tell you how happy I am! I was so excited that I didn't even wait to get home to open the package, I opened it in the car and literally screamed with joy!

An outfit post of me wearing them will be up shortly :) I literally haven't taken them off, they are so comfy!


  1. Oh yay! How surprisingly comfortable are they!!
    Looking forward to seeing you style them :)

    1. They really are comfortable! I was pleasantly suprised! :)
      First outfit post in them will be up later, but I literally just put them on with what I was wearing to show them off! Haha!

      Kirsti xx

  2. How much did you pay for them in the end? xxx

    1. £95.00 and £6.50 P&P so £101.50 in total xx


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