Wednesday, 11 April 2012

116. This is what makes us girls

Headband:  Isle of White Festival
Top:  Topshop
Skirt:  DIY/Self Made

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I recieved my tripod in the post, hence the change of scene in my photos, so I have been here there and everywhere taking photos of my outfit today. I chose to keep this scene for my photos today because I have always wanted to do a shoot here but without a tripod it was very hard. This room isn't very big so the camera is quite close to me, but using a tripod really helped and I am really happy with the outcome. What do you think? I know it's not a standing pose but I quite like that and I like the fact that I am in a little cubby-hole taking the photos.

Anyway, about the outfit. I went shopping in London with my friend Victoria yesterday (post of what I bought will shortly follow) and I bought two of these tops that I am wearing, except the other one is green. They are both from Topshop for £8 each which I think is pretty good, plus with student discount on top aswell! From what I saw they do them in pink, green, beige and leopard print however they may have more on the website. I paired this top with a skirt I made a while ago because the pinks tie in with each other, and I also tied in the colour theme with my white and pink floral headband and finishing with white socks. No doubt I will change into tights later as the weather will probably turn horrible, but I thought I'd make the most of the little sunshine we have here at the moment!

Wow, enough of me rambling! Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. That skirt is so lovely! I keep seeing those crop tops popping up everywhere, I think they're so nice, looks great how you've styled it.

    Laila x

    1. Aww thank you Laila! Ye I really like them :)

      Kirsti xx

  2. You look lovely. Cute blog as well!

    Emma x


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