Monday, 27 February 2012

102. Better the devil you know

Jacket:  Urban Outfitters
Necklace:  Accessorize
Shorts:  New Look
Boots:  New Look

So this is the outfit I was talking about in this post that I wanted to photograph last week but the weather was horrible, so I decided to wear it today. I've paired my velvet jacket with my teal shorts and a plain black top to keep it simple and then added a chunky ring necklace to finish with the usual black tights and boots too. I really love this jacket but don't have many outfits I could wear it with so I'm thinking of making a dress or a patterned skirt to go with it (not the same pattern but one to compliment the jacket), but we'll see!

Hope you lovelies have all had a good start to the week! My giveaway will be up in a few hours too!

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