Friday, 24 February 2012

#1 What I've been up to

So this is a little photo montage I made of photo's I have taken throughout the week. The first two images are of this months reads in magazines - LOVE, VOGUE & ELLE, and the second set of magazines in the bottom right hand corner are my new stack which will slowly build up over the year I'm sure. I sorted out my 'studio room' on Monday which also has a rail of my clothes in and I moved it into the little cubby whole part of the room so thats the photo in the bottom left hand corner. The two largest images in the middle of magazines are from the library as I spend part of the day there on Tuesday and the rest of the images are from London yesterday - my ticket, Red Bull to wake me up and my new gold necklace from Forever 21.

So this was basically my week in photos and I think I will do this every now and then when I have interesting things going on to add as a new feature :) Hope you like it!

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