Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas came early

I entered a blog competition over at 'Lets put our hearts together' a little while ago now and won! I never win anything and was just about ready to give up on entering these competitions, but seeing as it was from one of my favourite blogs I thought I'd go for it, and I actually won this time! I recieved the prize in the post this morning. My Dad told me it was actually placed under our tree outside which I thought was rather fitting for Christmas. The post man must have been in a good mood! So here's what I won:

1.  x3 Rimmel Nail Varnishes
2.  x2 Christmas Bath Bombs
3.  x1 Cherry Lip Balm
4.  x1 Nail Kit

Everything is so lovely and I certainly wan't expecting this much, so generous! I can't wait to use everything! Thanks so much Chelsea. If you haven't checked out her blog already, then do, she's one of my fav bloggers! Lets put our hearts together.

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