Monday, 24 October 2011

Make It Mine Monday

Hello all! It's Monday again and I've found yet more items that I want to buy with money I don't have..! This week is a little different because I have been looking at designer rather than the usual high-street names, but the reason for this is someone in my lecture did a presentation on Jeffrey Campbell shoes the other day and it just made me want a pair even more! I've always wanted a pair anyway, seeing people wear them on Lookbook etc they just look amazing! And the girl that gave the lecture wore them to uni a few days before hand and I did wonder if they were real but they are! Oh so very jealous. So today is a special Make It Mine for my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

So, these are all the beautiful Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I want. Not necessarily all in black, they're just the colours I found them in first. If I had the money to buy each style then I really would! They are just so beautiful and unusual and I know they are really popular on Lookbook and places like that, but that's not why I want them, I just think they look different and stylish would certainly add a bit of height! I especially love the last pair because they are so unique yet elegant and classy. I am wondering if they would be easy enough to walk in or maybe a bit difficult, like you were walking on your tip-toes, but I would love to try them!

I'm intrigued to know if anyone reading this has got a pair and how much they cost? I would love to know as I am seriously considering buying some myself! I have seen them selling on ebay so I may have another nosey over there!

Also, (sorry for the essay today!) I just wanted to thank all of my new followers courtesy of Chelsea over at 'Let's put our hearts together' for posting about my blog. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to look at my blog and even more the people who follow! So thank you so much, I hope you enjoy reading my blog :)


  1. oh gosh how beauty they are !!! :D
    just so stunning !
    love them !!!

  2. They are gorgeous aren't they?! :) xxx


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