Tuesday, 4 October 2011

67. Don't waste your precious time

Blouse:  New Look
Necklace:  Present
Skirt:  New Look
Tights:  Primark
Shoes:  New Look

This is what I wore today. I really love this blouse because the sleeves are a different colour to the body of the blouse but I think it works and makes it interesting. I added the pink necklace to add some detail and so that the outfit wasn't too black with the plain bodycon skirt and then finished with my new fashion tights which I got from Primark last week and boots.

I went back to uni yesterday for my second year and got a project already! I have to design and make a men's coat or jacket and an accessory to go with it. I'm quite looking forward to it because we get longer on our projects this year than we did last year and it will be good to try menswear again, although I am a womenswear kind of girl! So hopefully, if I get it all finished, then I'll post up a picture of my final outcomes, so wish me luck!

In other news, I am really trying hard to get my blog more noticed and get more followers because I want to progress with making clothes next year and hopefully send them out to all sorts of places across the country. However I can't do that until next summer because I really need to concentrate on my uni work for this year. If anyone has any tips or advice on how they got their blogs noticed that would be really helpful. I am open to critisism too. Thank you! Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday! :)


  1. very very beautiful outfit :) I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like! :)



  2. Thank you :) I'll check out your blog :) xx

  3. I meant to mention the followers in my previous post.
    I tend to visit my favourite blogs, pick a recent post and then visit a handful of the peoples blogs who have commented. I then leave comments on each of these blogs with a link to my blog.I give my self a mini target on visiting at least 5 new blogs a day and leaving comments. Its a good way to get people to see your blog but also find new blogs to read yourself :)

    I dont have a huge amount of followers, but would you be interested in me featuring you on my blog? If i just do a post using some of your outfit pictures, I love your looks and i'm surprised you dont have more followers!


  4. Oh thank you thats really helped. I think giving myself a target would probably help me vist more of a variety of blogs rather than just the same ones, thank you :)

    And yes, I would love to feature in your blog, if you're sure? That would be really lovely :) Thank you! xx


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