Tuesday, 9 April 2013

199. B/W

  Hat:  Ebay
Jacket:  Charity Shop
Jumper:  Charity Shop
Necklace:  New Look
Jeans:  New Look

Hello sweeties,
Long time no see, again! I thought I'd take a few snaps of my outfit in my new set up. What do you think? I decided to put them all in black and white because I still haven't seen able to decorate yet! So the walls are a lovely shade of bright blue and lime green...why would I decorate? I hear you say...
Anyway, it's only a short post today but I hope you like the images :)


  1. Lovely images! Your room is soo nice!


  2. ohh I love your checked jacket! It's great when you come across cool buys like that in charity shops! :-)

    Francesca xo


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