Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I should really quit shopping.

I went shopping with my mum today to finish off the rest of my Christmas shopping, however I ended up buying myself something...

I'm so terrible at shopping for other people, I always come back with something for myself and finding some excuse like 'i need it' or 'it was retail therapy' or the most commonly used one 'i needed it for work' (because I work in New Look).

So anyway, today I came back with this gorgeous bag! It was from work so it was half price and I'd been eyeing it up all weekend. And my excuse this time? That my favourite River Island bag had a broken zip and was teriibly faded after using it so much. So this bag doesn't have a zip, therefore won't break at the opening, and isn't fabric with a printed design, so it will not fade :) Ahhh but maybe I should quit shopping, or atleast cut down. My bank balace is hating on me..

Nah, that'll never happen :')

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  1. this is so adorable!

    xo, Jay


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