Friday, 12 July 2013


Hey loves,
This may seem a bit odd but I have started up a new blog today, carrying on from this one. I have explained everything in my new blog so I hope that you can all understand and will continue to follow me over there instead of here. I am having trouble getting the follower gadget to work on my blog at the moment and I am hoping to fix that soon. Having said that is it still true that blogger are getting rid of that? Maybe that's why it won't work :/ Anyway I have a link to my bloglovin from there so please follow me via the link! Thank you!! Check out my new blog here

Thursday, 4 July 2013

205. Oh, what a glorious day!

Sunglasses:  New Look
Top:  Greece
Playsuit:  Isle of White Festival
Belt:  New Look
Pop Socks:  New Look
Shoes:  New Look / Limited Edition
Hey beauts!
It's been such a busy week with starting my internship at I Heart Studios in London - it's been amazing so far! I can't wait to tell you all about it! I will be working there 3 days a week as I work weekends so Thursdays and Fridays will be my day off and luckily my boyfriend was off work too so we got to spend the day together!

First thing is first, I got woken up at 8am this morning with a lovely surprise fry up made by my boyfriend (a little early for my day off but I'll let it go :P) and it was delicious! Breakfast in bed cooked for you, what more could you want?! We then ended up falling back asleep and waking up at 11am! It was so lovely to just laze about for the morning as we haven't seen each other properly in 3 days, despite living together!!
We then headed to Winchester as I needed to drop of my collection at uni for a final fashion show. It was such a glorious day and was so warm! We stopped off at Pitcher and Piano for a late lunch and oh my, it was amazing!! I had a chicken, bacon and brie salad with sautéed potato's, spinach and a honey and mustard dressing. If you ever go to Pitcher and Piano you have to try this, it was phenomenal! After that we did a little shopping and browsing around Winchester and then headed back home. It may not sound like an amazing day, but for me it's the little things and today was just perfect :)

Lastly onto the outfit. I bought these shoes from New Look at the weekend. They're Limited Edition, and I love anything from that range usually! Not because it's 'limited' but because it seems to fit my style quite well. I just saw these shoes and fell in love with the awkward, and possibly ugly, look of them. However I have to say they look so much better on than they do off. A few people at work thought I was mad buying these! Haha I worked around the shoes for my outfit today layering a crop top over my favourite playsuit, and I think it works quite well. Add in a belt to nip in at the waist and a pair of pop socks and oversized sunnies and you're good to go!

I hope you've all had a glorious day too!!
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

204. DIY Dress

Dress:  DIY/Self Made
Belt:  Vintage
Bag:  Anna Lou of London
Shoes:  H&M
Hey loves,
This is an outfit I wore on a night out last Thursday so a little late on the up-take, I know! I actually made this dress myself a couple of hours before I was due to go out. I was clearing through my fabrics and found a couple of scraps left of the navy and white houndstooth printed fabric. I have been meaning to do something with it for years however there was barely any of it left so I wasn't sure what to do with it. But on Thursday I really wanted to do something with it and I realised I had some fake white leather left over from my collection so I decided to make a dress and this is basically what I came up with!
I literally just had enough fabric so I was worried it wouldn't work but I think it turned out really well :) What do you think? It turned out a little too big and obviously I didn't have time to adjust it so I just put a belt on and hey presto! It created these lovely pleats to create a perfect fit :)
I hope you guys like it!

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Hey beauts,
It's been a while since I mentioned my Tumblr account so you may or may not have known that I have one, but I do! Come and check it out, it's basically full of images I find inspiring and sweet quotes that I like.


Friday, 21 June 2013

203. My 'go to' lazy day outfit

Necklace:  H&M
Jumper:  Vintage
Jeans:  New Look (Parisian range)
Boots:  New Look
Hey lovers,
Friday is here and as I went out last night with some friends I was feeling a lazy day was needed, however I did need to pop into uni to get my results. Therefore I opted for my 'go to' outfit when I am feeling lazy but still want to look stylish and I thought I would show you. I don't often wear jeans but they are the ultimate lazy-day bottoms (not before pj bottoms, of course!) for a day like today and these jeans are super comfy! I also chucked on my slightly oversized jumper and was good to go! I then added my gold chain necklace for a little detail and my ankle boots from New Look, which as you can see are well worn as they are so easy to walk in and give me a little extra height!
I also put together a little video for you guys, feeling creative today!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

202. It's a funny sort of day

Coat:  Vintage
Collar Clips:  Home made - DIY
Shirt:  Vintage
Jeans:  New Look (Extremely old!)
Shoes:  New Look/Charity Shop
Hey there beauties!
Today I went for a little shopping spree with my Mum and my Nan and Grandad. We popped to B&M as we had never been before and I had seen the perfect bedside tables for my new room (more news on that soon!), so we thought we would explore! It is absolutely amazing in there, like The Range but cheaper! And I do love The Range. If you haven't been or heard of it already then check out the website here. The only downside is that you cannot order online which is a little annoying, so use the search bar to see if there is a store near you :)
Anyway, I was feeling rather casual but classic today and this is what I came up with. I usually always tuck in shirts or blouses into my bottoms as I think I look bigger than I am if I leave them hanging out (which is not good mixed with my short 5 foot height!), but I felt it kind of worked today. I have had these jeans for absolute jeans! Since I started working at New Look, which is over 5 years ago, so they are extremely old but I still love them! I thought I would add a little detail with my gold collar clips that I made using a pair of vintage earrings and a gold chain to attach. I still have plenty of earring left over so I will be selling them very soon on my Etsy store :) Lastly I finished with my white pointed shoes which have a low heel to give my outfit a classic, sophisticated look, and of course my vintage coat which I can not stop wearing!!
I don't know about you guys and where you live but the weather is really horrible at the moment! It's so muggy at hot, it's a job to know weather to even bother with a coat or not! I jolly hope the sun makes an appearance soon, I'm getting fed up of not knowing what to wear! ;)
Flower Broach:  Gift

Monday, 17 June 2013


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